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Allergies & Dietary Questions

Question: Is your kitchen fully Kosher Certified?

Answer: Yes, our kitchen is 100% Kosher Certified under the supervision of the COR. We are Pas Yisroel and Pareve. Our baked goods are not Yoshon.

Question: Is your kitchen nut-free, sesame-free, and dairy-free?

Answer: Yes, our kitchen is peanut-free, tree-nut-free, sesame-free and dairy-free. 

Question: Is your kitchen fish-free and gelatin-free?

Answer: Yes, our kitchen has no fish-related ingredients and does not use gelatin of any kind.

Question: Are your baked goods safe for our child's school?

Answer: We are safe of all major allergies for most schools and we work with a lot of schools and daycares across the GTA. Please call us and your school for any questions regarding specific allergies that the children in the class might have.

Question: What might be some unexpected ingredients that might be allergens in your products?

Answer: COCONUT: We often use coconut milk as a dairy-alternative. It is typically in small amounts and not detectable by taste. There is coconut milk in ALL of our icings, glazes, caramel and chocolate sauces, and in some desserts like scones and custards. SOY: There is soy lecithin in our cooking spray which touches all the trays and pans of ALL of our baked goods. Our vegetable oils, vegan butters, and fats all either have or may contain soy oil as an ingredient. There is soy protein in our marshmallow, artificial "peanut butter", pareve whipping cream, and white chocolate chips. FLAX: We use golden flax as a natural vegan substitute for eggs in our vegan desserts. CORN: There is literally corn syrup or corn starch in so many ingredients - we cannot guarantee any single product in our kitchen to be corn-free. 

Question: Why do you call it "Gluten-Friendly" instead of Gluten-Free and is it safe for Celiac and Gluten Intolerant People?

Answer: This is a long answer, but PLEASE READ this VERY CAREFULLY: We only have one kitchen that we bake in. Since we do not have a designated "Gluten-Free" kitchen, we try our very best to make gluten-free desserts that are safe for our clients to enjoy, however we cannot 100% fully guarantee that there are no trace amounts of gluten or accidental contact - hence, we call it "gluten-friendly" - interchangeably so with "gluten-aware" and "gluten-sensitive". If we call something "gluten-free" in conversation or in a menu description, we are still referring to "gluten-friendly" and do not guarantee that there is no contact with gluten. Our procedure is this: 1. We wash our trays, equipment, surfaces, and utensils and keep most of our Gluten-Free ingredients in a separate cupboard. 2. We do our gluten-friendly baking at a separate time of day (before or after our standard menu items are baked). 3. We store our finished gluten-friendly products on separate tables/shelves. 4. We label all our gluten-free products with "gluten-friendly" stickers before they are picked up or delivered to our clients. All of our clients who come to us for "gluten-free" desserts have different levels of tolerance and personal practices so we advise them the following: If you feel comfortable eating out at a non-gluten free restaurant for dinner and will order a "gluten-free" menu item that is prepared in the same kitchen as the rest of the menu, then we are generally on the safer or as safe-side as that. If your kitchen at home has gluten in it on a daily-basis but you are relatively cautious and careful when preparing gluten free foods in the same kitchen and eating off the same set of dishes and cutlery that has been through the dish washer after being used for regular breads and desserts, or will go over to someone else's house and enjoy a meal at the same table as other people who are eating gluten, then it's typically safe for you to enjoy our desserts. If you are highly sensitive to gluten and will not eat at a non-gluten-free restaurant, will only have a dessert from a 100% gluten-free bakery, have a fully gluten-free home, or have life-threatening or severe reactions to gluten then we are not the bakery for you. Your health and safety is of the utmost important to us. We only want you to enjoy our desserts if you 100% know and feel comfortable eating from our kitchen. We would rather you not risk a reaction. Do not make any assumptions that you have not confirmed directly with our management team. It is still your responsibility to ask the right questions and we do not take any legal responsibility for gluten-related reactions that might occur from our kitchen. We try our very best to create gluten-friendly orders, but we absolutely do not guarantee that no gluten-contact might occur. Remember - when in doubt, ask Jesse first. He will always be happy to answer all your questions openly, honestly, and patiently.

Question: How do I order Gluten-Friendly or Vegan Desserts?

Answer: There is a specific section towards the bottom of our online menu called "Gluten-Friendly" and another section called "Vegan" that has the dessert options for those needs. For custom vegan or gluten-friendly options, you can email us at 

Question: Do you do any sugar-free baking and can you adjust your recipes to fit a low-sugar version?

Answer: No, sorry. We don't do any sugar-free baking. We also cannot adjust any recipes to be lower in sugar.

Question: How should I tell you what my allergies are when ordering?

Answer: Please ONLY place your order once you are 100% confident that what you are ordering fully fits all of your dietary needs. If you have any special dietary restrictions or needs that you have questions about please ask us before placing your order. When placing an order by email or online, please make sure you are selecting the correct desserts (i.e. not just writing in "please make this vegan" or "must be gluten free" in the comments section at the end of the order). We do not issue refunds or cancel orders if you do not inform us (and receive a verbal or written confirmation by phone or email) of your allergy needs or dietary restrictions PRIOR to ordering. Given at least 48 hours notice, if an unexpected allergy pops up, give us a call or email us immediately and we might be able to adjust your order or issue you a store credit towards a future order if we haven't begun preparing your order yet. 


Question: I have more questions about allergies, what's the best way to get my questions answered? 

Answer: Please call Jesse directly at 647 989 5274 during our opening hours from 9am-2pm. For after-hours questions, send a text message to that number, write us on Facebook or Instagram, or email us at  Jesse is quite friendly and 100% happy to patiently double check ingredients and recipes and will kindly answer all your questions to ensure that you, your family, and your friends all enjoy his baked goods in an allergy-safe manner. He would always rather you ask any amount of questions than for you to make a single assumption. 

Question: Who is responsible for ensuring that the dessert we ordered is allergy-safe and safe for our dietary restrictions?

Answer: Keeping you safe from food allergies and respecting dietary restrictions is an effort on both sides - from the client and the customer. You are 100% responsible to call, email, and ask us all of your questions PRIOR to ordering - we are responsible for directly and honestly answering all of your questions and preparing your desserts according to the exact responses we give you. We will tell you upfront and honestly whether or not we feel that we can prepare a dessert safely for you based on your allergies and dietary restrictions. Please do not make any assumptions. Remember, at the end of the day, there is never a slice of cake or a bite of pie worth risking or endangering your health or the health of others. If you are in any doubt, do not risk an allergic reaction by eating any of our products that might have come into contact or contain one of your allergies or restrictions. Call, email, or message us about any allergy questions and we will always do our best to respond ASAP. We take allergies very seriously in our kitchen and we put the health, safety, and well-being of our clients above all else. 

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